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Migration & Consulting

The existing system on your location requires a well strategic paths to transfer it to AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS). Our team make it so easy for you without any overhaul to the code base.Our strategy includes identifying the most crucial systems which can impact the most on your business and to provide them with the cost and performance benefits. Our Cloud Architects and Engineers team will assist you in the best possible way to give you a broader aspect in migrating the existing system to the AWS platform with best of the cloud services. Engineers from the team will make sure to migrate the large data set in a well organized and quickest possible way. This migration process makes experts to do necessary changes so as to make the application respond well and make it tolerant on faluts and we do all these with concerns in mind to keep your business grow more and more.


Managed Services

In the IT sector, maximum cloud service providers only carry the responsibility to give infrastructure without really focusing on the managed form of services. This brings customers to the state that where they need to manage their own infrastructure on the cloud. Simply this makes them to feel really hard to handle the applications which are totally based on real strength to work on all days of the year. In the current world scenario cloud experts are really tough to find with the desired skills and there are less service providers with such skills. Our team has expert level of technical persons who take care of your cloud and within the cost effective manner. Our team takes care to take the heavy stuff to handle so that your business can gro in a smooth and flexible manner.We are providing 24x7 servive to our customers.


Code and tools together make a great impact , we sincerely care about it and so you need to bring the code and we provide the tools and together this can build a continuous integration, infrastructure in terms of code, it can build automated deployments and yes agile development as well. Cloud and Devops are a true combination that brings changes to the world of technology. Devops must be adopted as a mainstream culture by the organisations who are looking forward to embrace their business on cloud. Using DevOps tools, its technologies and its features, are the core needs of the software development these days.

Software as a Service SaaS

Apps On Cloud

Application providers who are making SaaS based applications, quickly observed that owning and operating the infrastructure can be a little bit expensive and can be complex on which these solutions are relying upon. This goes on high a note when customer demand comes very uncertainly. Cloud apps can provide the answer to such complexities in a very easy manner.The cloud mobile applications and mobile web apps are pretty much similar to each other on almost every basis. They both can be accessed from any location given that a good or an average internet connection is available. They both simply run on a server that is fully independent of your mobile device.

Cloud Consulting Services

TwinsClouds basically provides customize cloud consulting services which helps to provide cost efficient, rebost and scaleavle cloud insfrastructure based on Amazon Web services. We have talent greate team Amazon web services solution architect certified team which provide a best infrastructure for your business with the help of our experience certified team.We offer handsome infrastructure using Amazon web services which helps you to maximize the performance of your application using tier (1-tier, 2-tier, 3-tier).


Web Development

When you are trying to run small business and large business or you want to sell any of your product without online refrence your product become useless.Web development is basically the combination of the coding or programming which convert into your imagination in beautifull way which enables websites to the outside world.Most probably web development deals with the lines of code and writing markup. It is used to convert simple text to complex web application. Web Development is a treading technology.

School Management Software

School managment software are basically combinations of the modules having students regstration, storing a complete academic records of the students, teachers and parents a single platform and able platform.School managment software is also available in the offline system woking same is to keep the records of teachers staffs, students and parets on paper.Related student progress can be ping manually. For example academics attendance of the student will be reported and generated monthly for the reference to his/her parents.


Medical Tally Software

Medical Tally software is basically plays an important role for Bill Audit Dispatch Managment system which helps us to completely keep track of an order from starting to destination deleivery.Its a combination of SMS Integration moudle, it has a facility to direct send SMS to Field Staff and other account group.Medical software have One important module is to Purchase Import + My order to Bill + Export in Self format is option to provide online as well as offline to the customer end.It is most probably used for small scale and large scale business.